I am

You may know me as PetrolTed.
My wife calls me Dave.

About Me

I'm a full stack coder. I love coding.

My love of coding has taken me on a fabulous journey. I started coding at the age of twelve and this led to a career working for software houses, consultancies and financial institutions before embarking on my own ventures.

From nerd to dot com business owner - with stints blagging as a motoring journalist and advertising salesman - I've always kept abreast of technology.

… Edmonston has since become something of an enigma, refusing interviews about his past involvement with PistonHeads and instead communicating on forums as PetrolTed …
Financial Times, November 2015
… softly spoken, determined, noticeably brighter than most …
Pro Valeter & Detailer Magazine, January 2016
In a world often more known for spectacular failures David has bucked that trend and built a strong well founded company and a global brand.
Dan Sutherland, CEO Carrenza Ltd
Dave is a great guy who has developed a brilliant community spirit amongst the Pistonheads users.
Michael Welch OBE
...the biggest single influence on the car media area - certainly in northern Europe - in the last twenty years.
Chris Harris (Top Gear), November 2019

I've recently worked with E2Exchange and in 2017 I was included in the Smith & Williamson Power 100 recognising the assistance I give to early stage startups (coffee and a santify check!)

I work alone. It's better for everyone. I'm focused, I deliver.

  • Systems Design
  • Web Design
  • Database Development
  • Front End Coding
  • API implementation
  • Continuous Development
  • Back end systems
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Systems Monitoring

Specifically: PHP, Javascript, CSS, Mysql, MongoDB, XML, XSLT, REST APIs, Amazon Web Services, Linux, Unit Testing, Continuous Development, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube integrations.



Launched in 1998, PistonHeads grew from humble beginnings to become one of the world's busiest automotive websites read by millions of people every month.

I managed the journey from shared web space to complex multi-server monster. After eight years intensive graft, I sold it to Haymarket Media Group at the beginning of 2007.


My very own search engine. MotorMutt scours the websites of specialist cars dealers for interesting cars. Atop that is an knowledge base that enhances the data.

MotorMutt works behind the scenes providing data to mainstream publishers for their classic car listings.


I originally built Spiggler an an experiment - plotting tweets on a map.

It's been through several iterations since and has been mothballed for now whilst I apply what I've learned to TourJackers.com


Blatters.com was another voyage into cars and code, exploring a number of ideas that were buzzing around my head.

It's run its course now, but several elements of it will be making an appearance in TourJackers.


I've been helping a friend out for a few years now, building EmailOut.com. If you need an email marketing platform, please check it out.

TourJackers.com NEW FOR 2019

A touch of maps, a hint of motoring, a lot of travel. TourJackers is striving to be the place to plan driving tours and share them with your friends.
 Put on ice when CollectingCars came up on my radar!


Well that came out of the blue. This is proper fun - cars and tech again. It's as if I've been training for this opportunity for the last ten years! It's now Europe's fastest growing car auction platform.



Ground up.
I build stuff. Get in touch.


Need a nerd on board?
Talk to me.


Black box system needed?
I love an API.


I've built lots of solutions that interface with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Maps etc.


Don't believe the FT.
I like being interviewed about motoring/tech.


Starting your own web adventures?
I'm happy to chat.


The Lean Startup

Essential reading for anyone considering any sort of commercial venture.

Beautifully full of common sense, but with some great brilliant tips on how to test your idea has legs before spending any serious money.

This is Marketing

Godin's best work. I've read lots of books about marketing and they were all a bit uninspiring.

This however, I couldn't put down. It's like a good novel full of sound advice that really resonates.

Atomic Habits

If you're going to embark on a new venture, you're going to need to change your daily routine. You'll need to carve out time for the fun stuff and get in the habit of doing some more tedious activivies.

This is a brilliant book describing great techniques for getting in the habit of doing new things.